!Viva La Resistencia! y Viva Raul Salinas!

"Jazz Hipster | Pinto | Cockroach Poet | Human Rights Activist | Xicanindio | Elder" that and much much more was Raul Salinas, sadly now departed. I'd add "street fightin' Tzadik" and "lover of the printed word" to that myself.

Now, he's gone and I can't see anyone coming up behind him to take up the banner of truth, human dignity and justice.

Find out about the man at these sites, raulsalinas.com, his wonderful bookstore, and this recent tribute. Along with the passing Clifford Antone and Doug Sahm, Austin has lost one of the strong voices that made us such a great town to live in.

!Viva La Resistencia! y Viva Raul Salinas!"