Hannukah in July

Wow. They keep everything up forever on the web it seems.

Here's a 2002 clip from Warner Channel News 8 Austin with Cantor Nei Blumofe.



The Best Hotel I Ever Stayed At

It's called the Eden, located in the Kazimerz district of Cracow Poland.

The ex-pat owner made me and the other musicians staying there just as comfortable as I've ever been anywhere. It was almost off putting how nice they were. I got over it quick however.

They had something called a "salt grotto" in the basement of the hotel. It's a small room filled with 6 tons of salt, as if you found yourself deep in a salt mine. There's gently running water in the corner, mood lighting behing the walls of salt (nice touch) and comfy chairs to lounge in. A nice waitress brings you a Tatanka, a favorite summer drink made of one part apple juice and one part Zubrowska (Buffalo Grass) vodka, and you just chill. I found myself in there just about every night I was in Crackow, winding down with fellow performers.

Here's the website, with an interesting legend about the building where the Eden now stands.