Email addresses and the advance of History

I entered the internet in 1993, stumbling UK record distributors' Bad Livers page on a Mosaic browser while at my day job at the University of Texas. By 1994 I had an AOL account and soon after switched to local provider called Real/Time Communications. I set up my email address  - mdrubin (at) bga.com then and that's been my address ever since. I own markrubin.com and used that as a mirror address until hackers goofed me and I had to drop it.

I was informed that the new corporate owners of Real/Time have decided to no longer support the bga.com address (much like the time they installed an aggressive spam blocker, didn't tell me and I didn't get any emails for over 2 weeks.)

Therefore, friends and associates, you will no longer be able to find me at the email address I've carried for nearly 18 years. I have switched to a Gmail account and my prefix is "texasrubinchik".

That is all.