Middle European Tour Journal-Ridculous Headgear

This Tours Collection of Ridiculous Headgear

As is my tradition, I procured several examples of the local cover. Here's this years collection, this time all from Belgrade Serbia:

Chetnik hat If I were a rich man... kepi

1) A Traditional Serbian Shropshepka, in Chetnik Black, purchased in the Belgrade open air market. As dear to Serbs as the beret is to the French. (Bit of a grave political statement associated with this cap however. Not something you wear on a trip to Croatia if you can dig.)

2) Also called a shropshekpa, but a more modern design and not too unlike a "Greek Fisherman's" cap. Purchased directly fromthe shop that makes them on Balkan Ave., walking distance from our hotel.

3) Given to me as a present by my generous local host and musician Djordje Stijepovic. It is a traditional Montenegrin hat that was actually his when he was a child. He explains: "the 5 gold bands represent the 500 years of Turkish occupation and the Serbian Orthodox cross (a cross with a C in each corner) stands for Serbians United will Never Fail." I'm deeply touched by his gesture.