Austin Against War March, 3/18/05

I had the honor of putting together a marching band to lead the Austin Against War annual march, this year noting the 3rd anniversary of of the US Invasion of Iraq.

You can see some nice photos of the ad-hoc band here on the American-Statesman's photo archive. The first pic made the cover of the Metro section, above the fold. (Note trumpeter Oliver Steck decked out in swimming trunks and goggles for the event.)


1st Post Katrina Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Krewe of Tucks Parade

Here's a photo play of Panorama Brass Band's participation in the 2006 Krewe of Tucks Parade, 2/25/06, New Orleans LA.

Seen from the trailer prior to lining up for the parade. Yeah, man!

Here's the trailer we played on. We had 11 players on the date. For some reason, the NOPD had forbidden brass bands from marching and informed us we must play on a trailer. 

(From what we could tell afterwards, it was to speed up the parade so that the over worked, stressed out Police force wouldn't have to go into overtime. In a few short days all those cops, along with firemen and EMTs are going to be kicked out of their FEMA provided homes, not knowing where they will be sleeping.)

Scene from the trailer. Not as well attended as last year from what I could tell.

Here's Ja-Ja from Montreal on trombone and great vibes. She's the only member who looks fetching in the uniform Orange/Blue combo. Note the locals on their ladders, most of which are replacement new and not as festively decorated like usual.

I have no idea who took this pic, but here leader Ben Schenck and fellow tenor horn man Don Godwin are wailing through a fabulous Serbian numbner called "Romski Cocek" while we tool down Canal Street. Wild!

Yes, my tuba has shrunk. Now it's a tenor horn, and quite a loud one too.
That's the very capable Jon Gross on Sousaphone behind me.

The parade is over now, and we're headed back uptown.

This burned out house is right off I-10 in fact. We kept playing as we went down Magazine, in the pouring rain as it turned out, for the folks shopping the very few stores still open there.


Mardi Gras in New Orleans, pt.1

Shame, shame, shame.

We are to be ashamed of oursleves. As a nation. As a people. Shamefull and pathetic. It's all I can think about upon my return from New Orleans. I could have filled my camera with pictures like this, but frankly I was too ashamed to do so.

Six months on and this is the scene, 2 blocks off Canal, just off the parade route.