Rubin's Rotator Recovery Fundraising Sale!

Hello friends!

So you might have heard that I had to have major shoulder surgery back in May. Good news is that my surgeon says he's happy with my progress and only only now am I cleared for PT. However he reckons I'll be unable to perform until at least November. That means I haven't had an income for months now and won't see one for a bit! I have an understanding landlord and social services to kept me fed, but the bills are stacking up and I need to hustle!

So as a fundraiser, here's a 3 CD set of my most recent material, 2011-2016. I'm very proud of these releases and I'd love for you to have one. I'm including a poster of Howard Rains controversial cover art for "Southern Discomfort," along with full liner notes. These are lovingly handmade discs, each individual and unique. (If you kick another $10, I'll include a copy of the Bad Livers UK only release 12" gold vinyl EP.) Only a limited number available

I've got auctions up on eBay including my collection of Flaming Lips memorabilia dating 1982-84 and a few selected Bad Livers items as well.

If the recovery goes well, I plan on a a trip up to the Seattle area, so if you have or know of a house concert or venue between NOLA and there, please do be in touch!

Thanks again. I appreciate you.

Simply send $25 PayPal for the 3 Cd's and Poster. $35 to add the Bad Livers EP
PayPal address: texasrubinchik@gmail.com

Be sure to include your address!!