Speaking of Ukranian Revolutions...

Maybe its a good to time to highlight a forgotten chapter in Euro-Russo relations.

Here's Nestor Makhno. The actual "Most Interesting Man" of his day.
And frankly, I don't buy ANY of the revisionist history most available to us. I take him at his word and deed that as a committed Anarchist, he was by definition not an Anti-Semite

To the contrary, the Makhnovist Revolutionary Movement not only contained a large Jewish contingent, but also organized defenses of Jewish shtetl's and outlawed Pogroming, punishable by death. A sentence carried out on more than a handful of occasions.

Makhnovschina Banner
Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine

So while we see what's happening today, we'll all have a little more context about the region's history.

Pass it along.

Kiev Ukraine, 1/22/2013