How do get a musician to complain?


Book him for a gig.

No really, I'm just about up to my eyeballs in all these one-time professional musicians complaining about how "I can't make a living anymore, " and "there's nothing but day-job cubicle monkeys by day,rock-stars by night" no talents clogging up the clubs, playing for free to an increasingly unsophisticated crowd of patrons who think of music simply as something you do for fun.

Well boo-hoo.

To quote director Werner Herzog, "do not succumb to the culture of complaint!" Either get a job like everybody else and stop playing for beans, or go out there and eat off the plate that is offered and say thank you very much. Life be funny sometimes, and it's getting nearly comical lately.

Either way, please leave me out of it. Or at least be of good humor. I have a hard enough time remaining positive about our culture's situation as it is, and I just recently made a gun purchase.

Many thanks.