On music and poison.

Our Sages teach us that The Torah (the Law) is much like water: It is essential for nurturing the tress that give us shade, and the fruits and vegetables that sustain us. But like water it makes no distinctions, as it also feed the hemlock that will kill us. It is then our duty to identify the difference and educate others so that they thrive and not perish.

But is that not also the case with Music? Can a human truly exist without it? For all it's powerful connective and healing powers, it too can be fashioned into a tool of division and hurt. So we are obliged to always be in the process of learning the differences, and speaking out to warn our fellow humans when we encounter the poisons.


Had my fill of jousting, yes sirree...

Today I shuttered my Facebook account. No one asked me to, nor did anyone even recommend it. I simply decided that good it brought me was far and away not worth the ill it created in my brain.

My brain, like many others, is in the process of trying to kill me. Why should I help it?

So, when I feel the need to share, share here I will. If you have a comment, feel free to send it to me. I appreciate thoughtful debate. Which is why I shuttered my Facebook account.

Ok, that's it. Carry on