Obligitory Political Blog Posting 2008

OK, here ya go.
I took some minor ribbing from some of my musical pals who tend to lean somewhere Right of Reagan when they spied my Obama bumper sticker written in Hebrew (or Yiddish if you like) letters. "I thought your Jews were for Israel? How can you push for a Muslim?"

Ok, kinda depressing on many levels. But trust me, this is actually pretty sensitive and informed discussion in relation to the normal fare of the great importance of a Defense of Marriage Bill to the Constitution and When Are We Gonna Get Rid of All These Katrina Refugees...

So for them, and anybody else, here's my singular politically motivated posting for the next election.

You have only 6 days left to register to vote. Please take time and get registered so your voice may be heard.


Independent Film: the next generation's "garage band."

That's a phrase my pal Danny Barnes coined when we saw the live music scene start to fall apart and the technology to make films became cheap. Luke Hill, one of my favorite local musicians put down his guitar, picked up pen and camera and jumped into the fray. (I think he's done some cool stuff, but I still think he's a wonderful Django style guitarist.)

Here's a little short horror film he co-wrote and stars in, called "Coffee with David." Check it out and give it a "thumbs up" if you like it.

Truth to tell, Luke cast me in one of his films and when that comes online I'll share the link as well.


A work of heart breaking genius....

Forwarded to my by Frank London, I give you Carl Orff's Carmina Burana with an alternate and in my opinion far more plausable libretto.

What's the Carmina Burana you ask?