Walser Funeral Arrangements

This note if from his son, Al Walser:

"Hello all, thanks for your calls and well wishes over the past few days. There is no doubt that dad was well loved and will be missed. I apologize if I have not returned all your calls but please know your words touched me and comforted my family.

Here is a link to dad’s website with memorial information that will be held on Monday 09/26. If you would like to honor dad, please make a donation in his name to the American Diabetes Foundation at https://www.diabetes.org/secure/donation/Donate.do?action=Memory.

Or buy and play his music."

Al hosts DonWalser.com should you wish to find out more about who we're talking about here.

NPR ran a piece last night on his passing.

Micheal Cochran wrote a fine obit for the Statesman as well.