Goodnight Facebook

If you're reading this its a good chance you got my note about shuttering my Facebook account. I appreciate that you took the time to follow me over here. Here, Master of my own domain. I get to set my own rules and I'm not sharing your info with anybody. Promise. (If you should take issue with my posts, note that I'm factually incorrect or have some relevant commentary that you feel like sharing, please feel free to contact me.)

Before I start cranking out observations and opinions here  that would have gone over there, please do me this one favor. Check out my new website, www.JewofOklahoma.com. When you're there you can find a link to my latest release. I'm super proud of it and I'd like you to hear it at least and download it free for nuthin'.

So! Welcome to the place I used to share my stories with before I got derailed by MySpace, er, I mean Facebook.


New Orleans LA