More fun with Google Translations

Reviews of Frank London's Klezmer Brass All Stars "Brotherhood of Brass," still one of my proudest recording achievements.

Words clumsily translated from the Foreign Press:

"frank London occupies with its Klezmer Brass of all star impressively that it a Klezmer beyond of schluchzenden clarinets and jammernden play the violin gives... after-felt the common roots of the music of Jews, Mauren and gypsies. If in political regard times school made."- Swabian newspaper 02/2004

"Stempenyu" - one says ehrfuerchtig in the Jewish world to a talentierten musician. Here directly 27 is to be heard from this sort to." - Jazz dimension

"a completely mad, alive plate. Blowing music purely in all-finest development." -Klezmer.de

"impetuous up to the Hektik, omitted are for an unlimited period durable and to each opportunity recommendable sixteen the titles." - West Time

"a marvelous Blaeserfest rings out from our Hifi plant." - Jazzeit

"there are moments in those radix complements easily from the hand goes. Today is it again so far." - South Wind

"listening it rather, as London Freaks integrates also tones south the white sausage equator in their Katechismus of subversiven blowing. Madly." - Amazon.de