Jews of the Golden West : Max "Bronco Billy" Aronson

Here's a fun series.

I'll be introducing you to Jews from down South "Yellow Stars of Dixie" and out West "Jews of the Golden West." Many of which you may not have known here Jewish I'll reckon. Despite the institutionalized (and oft times open and personal) anti-Semitism of American nationalism, these men and women made outside contributions to American society and culture. Here's our first installment:

Every hear of the early Western movie star Bronco Billy? Turns out he actually born Max Aronson, the son of sucessful Jewish merchants in Little Rock Arkansas. To make it in the business he adopted the English name "Gilbert M. Anderson." One of his 300 short films featured the very first recorded example of the "pie-in-the-face" gag and played 3 different roles in the very first "western" movie "The Great Train Robbery"

Astonishedly, here's "Bronco Billy's Christmas Dinner" from a German Silent reel:

Learn more about him at his Wiki page. 


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