Notes for Monday, September 23, 2013

a) Is it just me, but doesn't "American Exceptionalism" sound like broader translation of "Manifest Destiny?"

b) Happy to welcome Brother Guy Forstyh back to the QB spot in the Hot Nut Riveters offense game. Tight end Matt Smith and myself at center gave a truly heroic effort in his absence, but suffice to say the music loving public are making a great collective sigh of reliefCellist and full-time-nice-fellow Micheal Shay will be joining the fun at the Strange Brew Lounge Side Monday evening 7-8:30pm. I hear a rumor that the Blue Ribbon Healers are in town and might make an appearance as well.

c) What's with Homeland Security buying up so many .40 caliber rounds anyway? Do they really need tanks and flame throwers? Anything to do with the Pentagon's latest risk assessments cite internal disorder due to the fabric of civilized society after being ravaged by the effects of Global Warming? You think?  ;-)

d) Here's a video by some pals of mine from Russia called Dobranotch. One of the greatest nights of my life started with them, right after the Pavarotti impersonator, before our set and a live altering set by the former national Moldovan Folk Orchestra set at the mafia operated music festival held in a former Zepplin hanger in Riga Latvia. (Yes, Aaron Alexander. THAT night.) The tune is called "Pope and Sultan" and they own it. I found an old German song with American English from 1822. Not sure if its the same one, but at any rate I'm adding one or the other to my repertoire soon:
As I post it it has 144 views, which is criminal. Pass it around.