Great Press! Shame there was no gig....

Here's an advance blurb from the San Antonio Current this week, pitching a Ridgetop Syncopators gig that isn't going to happen:

You only have to watch Mark Rubin rock his standup bass (or his tuba, for that matter) once to determine that the man is one of the great unsung gods of Lone Star music. It’s not often that virtuosity, impeccable taste, a rebel attitude, and a musicologist’s grasp of history come together in one mammoth frame, but that’s why Rubin is such a singular force.

At any given time, Rubin has at least a handful of music projects percolating, but even by his high standards, the Ridgetop Syncopators are something special: a seven-piece collective that delivers high-spirited Western swing with plenty of room for fiddle breakdowns..

I know it's true. But it's always nice to hear;-)

Sorry San Antonio, but I have yet to figure out a way to get grown men interested in burning $60 worth of gas to drive down there to play for burgers and tips. Truthfully, I LOVE San Antone, and enjoy playing there in front of a small number of music fans than in front of a big crowd of other out-of-work musicos and assorted hipsters who are the only people you'll find in an Austin club.

When a real gig opens up, I'm not ruling out such long shot mind you, I'll be able to field a damn fine team. Like I told the nice people at Sam's Burger Joint, if I could pull off a gig all by my lonesome I would do it gladly. But as of this date, I have yet to develop that skill set. (Aha! A new goal!!)

I got really great press, this time from Jim Beal at the Express News, down there last month and I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I HAD A GIG...(a long story..)

Mark Rubin & the Ridgetop Syncopators at Sam's Burger Joint (6 p.m.) Bassist, tenor guitar picker, singer, songwriter, storyteller, etc. Rubin has played everything from hardcore country to outside music, from traditional Jewish wedding selections to deep blues. He's part of Bad Livers, has worked with Steve James and knows his way around more than a few polkas. With the Syncopators, Rubin brings to bear a repertoire built on real-deal Western swing.

How come I can't get press like this when I actually have a gig? As the old Yiddish expression goes: Man plans, God laughs.