It's Official...I'm OBSESSED

It started small enough, searching for the roots of the Jewish music that I get hired to teach people how to play. For the last decade, I've combed through stacks of Ukranian fiddlers, Hutsul cimbolm bands and Serbian Brass orchestras. It all changed for me last year however. That's when I came across Prof. Garfias' website with rare recordings of cintec de pahar singers from Romania. Rather than bore you with that annoying ethnomusicology horsecrap you can find online. I'll just let Rominca and Gabi state thier case, all in B&W Romanian State TV glory:

Fist off, I could kiss the cat who published this stuff (and more) on YouTube.

I am one dissapointment away from expatriating and devoting the rest of my life to this stuff.

No foolin'.

OH SHIT!!!!!

I JUST stumbled on THIS!!!!!!