Panorama Brass Band rolling Mardi Gras '07


Since you most likely missed it, here's the Panorama Brass Band parading with the St. Anthony Ramblers in the French Quarter. We're just leaving the church on Jackson Square and headed down Charters. The tune is a Sher, can't recall the title, but from the Yiddish repertoire. I'm the 2nd tenor torn player. Yes, in this band, I'm happy to the tenor horn man.

Look about 2 minutes in where I run into another Krewes musicians, who quite cooincidentally turns out under his mask is a fellow Austinite and band mate of mine in the Monkey Butlers Oliver Steck. You see where I hand him a flask of 20 year old home brewed Slivovitz provided to me by a dear friend from Serbia, and saved for toasting this very occasion.

I hope all of you can come celebrate the rebuliding of New Orleans, both phsyically and spiritually in years to come.