Merry Christmas

Yes, Christmas.

Not the insipid "Happy Holidays" or it's lame cousin "Season's Greetings."

Christmas. The celebration of the birth of the Christ child. Let's call a spade a spade and leave it at that. Y'all run this place and you're doing us no favors in your clumsy attempts to include us non-Christians. Jews in America have akwardly attempted (and in fact suceeded) to make Hannukah a big deal, which observant Jews will remind you it is not. Ramadan come and goes and few folks bother to notice. African American have concocted a Zwanzaa of thier very own and God bless them. It's no more "authentic" a celebration than the pagan winter celebrations than the Christian Church coopted for "Yuletide."

When Pat Robertson and me are on the same page of an issue, you best pay attention.

And Merry Christmas.