Youngers of Zion at the National Folk Festival

Here's a good picture of the Youngers of Zion playing an afterhours jam session at Buzz and Ned's Real BBQ, the official BBQ Joint of Hyper-Opinionated Food Crazy Klezmer Musicians. (See a full report from Frank London's Klezmer Brass All Star session there at last year's festival.)

It was the perfect capper to a weekend of great music and great times at the National Folk Festival, now in its second year in Richmond VA. I caught amazing sets by Papa Don Vappie and his Creole Serenaders, the Lost Bayou Ramblers, Richard Hagopian and my old pal Santiago Jimenez, Jr. This could be one of the best curated Folk Festival I've ever been at much less played. There wasn't a stinker act in the bunch.

Here are two little bits of our mainstage performances on Sunday evening in Windows Media Player format. A "C" Hora set and The Theme to Sweet Touch Nee Hour Radio Show.

We are currently formulating a sceme to get us all back there to Richmond again for next years hijinks, if for nothing else than to eat some more of thos AMAZING beef ribs.....